Someone Has Created A LEGO First Person Shooter Game And It Looks Awesome


If only this actually existed.

With LEGO pretty much present in very facet of society these days – from the Lego Bible to the Lego Hotel – it was probably only a matter of time until someone made a first person LEGO shooter.

And it looks completely and utterly awesome. There are about five different scenarios which are kind of an amalgamation between your favourite first person shooters and your favourite LEGO worlds and moments that you’ll recognise from your gaming experiences if you’ve ever played first person shooters.

Unfortunately the game itself (in any of the worlds/scenarios featured here) will probably never exist in reality due to LEGO’s family friendly brand, but at least we can enjoy this and think of what might have been before we get back to playing COD. I do really want to play this though, just saying.

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