New Footage Shows Madeleine McCann Suspect’s Secret German Lair

A USB drive with 8000 images of child abuse was buried there.

It’s pretty big news that there’s a suspect in the Madeleine McCann disappearance, but it’s kind of been forgotten about with everything that’s been going on this year, although in fairness the authorities haven’t really released that much evidence about it or come close to telling us what they’ve got on the dude yet.

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He has been identified as Christian Brueckner though and we know that he’s already in jail in Germany on drugs charges and for raping a 72 year old woman and last night 60 minutes Australia profiled his criminal past and showed us footage of his secret lair in Germany where a USB drive with over 8,000 indecent images of children was discovered. Police also found a dead dog, children’s swimming wear and children’s clothes at the site of the dilapidated factory in Neuwegersleben.

It looks like a very creepy place:

I mean you can pretty much tell that some disgusting and horrible shit has gone down in that joint just from looking around it can’t you? Such a weird energy there.

Of course, at this point we have no real idea if Brueckner even had anything to do with Maddie’s disappearance, let alone if she may have been brought to this site at some point, but it seems like more tidbits of information are going to be released to us about it in the coming weeks. Probably to distract us from when the second wave of Coronavirus hits, right?

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