Ronda Rousey Calls Out Justin Bieber For Being A Dipshit

Justin Bieber Ronda Rousey

Just when you think Ronda Rousey couldn’t get any more awesome.

Ronda Rousey is pretty much everywhere at the moment, and although beating Bethe Correia in an impressive 34 seconds in her world title fight was pretty awesome, this is easily the best thing that she’s ever done. It involves her taking down Justin Bieber a peg and calling him out for being an asshole basically.

This happened way back when at the Cannes Film festival in May, so it seems like Bieber’s recent ‘attempts’ at changing his ways have all been a facade. Ronda was over there promoting the Entourage movie with her little 16 year old sister when they both spotted Bieber hanging out and looking cool, as he usually does, probably with his own entourage of hangers on.

Rousey’s sister went a bit weak at the knees  wanted a photograph with him so they approached him. Ronda explains the rest of the story in an interview with Cosmopolitan – see, she really is everywhere these days:

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Well, two less Beliebers officially makes the world a better place if you ask me, especially considering he’s lost two of the most badass girls on the planet too by being a douchebag to them here. OK yeah I know I don’t know anything about Ronda Rousey’s sister but you’ve gotta think that she’s a badass if she’s related to her right?

I can maybe sympathise a little about Bieber having had to take a billion pictures that day, but come on dude this is Ronda Rousey – if she asked me for a picture I could have taken three billion that day I would still let her take one with me. Mainly because I would think that she might beat me up afterwards though of course – just check this out if you don’t believe what a badass she is – but also because she’s totally cool and cute too. Nice work, Bieber.


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