Speeding Driver Goes FLYING Through The Air After Crashing Into Roundabout (VIDEO)

Great shortcut.

The dramatic moment a Polish driver smashed into a roundabout and went flying into a graveyard has been caught on camera.

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The footage was captured in Lodz, Poland, on Easter Sunday, as this bloke attempted a pretty spectacular shortcut. Here’s how that turned out for him and his silver Suzuki Swift:

Perhaps I’m being too rash in calling that a ‘shortcut’ because a shortcut implies that he kept on driving and didn’t go flying through the air before ironically crashing into a graveyard. Luckily the 41-year-old driver only literally crashed into the graveyard, and not metaphorically. According to Metro, police said his breath smelt of alcohol but they are awaiting results from a blood test after cutting him from the wreckage.

Dude is extra lucky to be alive because not only did he survive the impact of the crash, but the car also burst into flames afterwards. I’d be thanking my lucky Polish stars if I were him… until he gets diagnosed with coronavirus later. Can’t run from the Grim Reaper forever.

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