Muamba Twitter Troll Jailed!

Liam Stacey’s defense was being too drunk, but the judge said he must face the consequences of his actions

The troll who flooded his Twitter feed with racial abuse has been jailed for 56 days! Police were forced to act when they received a number of complaints over his comments regarding Fabrice Muamba. The Bolton Wanderers player was in hospital recovering from the cardiac arrest which led to his collapse at White Hart Lane during the FA Cup semi-finals on March 17th.

The Twitter troll, better known as Liam Stacey, reportedly wept at Swansea Magistrates when his sentence was passed. Some believe the judge’s ruling was a bit harsh for the 21 year old biology student, whose defence against his actions was having drunk eight pints on the virtual night in question. Honestly, check out some of these Tweets.

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The judge has made a firm example of Stacey, sending a strong message to the less savvy social net workers out there who believe that they and their opinions are safe behind a screen. This incident could taint Stacey’s entire future from now on, potentially  jeopardising his final year at university, his career prospects, and, if he manages to find employment, how his colleagues respond to him.

Those eight pints don’t seem worth it now, and something tells me Stacey has more harsh blows to come. The Wanderers returned to face Spurs on 27th March, ten days after Muamba’s heart attack, but were defeated 3 -1. Muamba is reported to be making progress in hospital,  though he is still in intensive care.


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