How To Turn Any Website Into A Website Full Of Pussy

Internet Cat

Turn your favourite websites into a cat filled orgy.

Cats, cats and more fvcking cats. That’s all we ever hear about on the internet now. But we love it. We love it because we love cats. So when we found this gem in our inbox last week we were more than happy to write about it. (Got something you think we’ll like? Send it to – if we think it’s good enough and write about it we’ll let you nosh us off.)

The e-mail we received contained nothing but a link, and a spammy looking link at that. We were pretty skeptical about opening it at first so I logged onto my house mate’s computer to open it on his shitty PC just in case it was a trojan or something, but it turned out to be totally kosher. What the link did when you clicked on it was turn any website you wanted into a cat orgy.

For example, here’s the link wrapped around the BBC website:

And here’s the link wrapped around Sick Chirpse:

You can change the URL in the link to catify any website you so wish, even a smut site. Endless hours of pussy on pussy action.


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