Here Are The Best ‘It’s Coming Home’ Memes On The Internet

its coming home

It’s coming home.

Ever since England’s epic penalty shootout victory over Colombia on Tuesday, you can’t open Whatsapp on your phone without getting a new meme about how it’s coming home, ranging from the very poor to the downright excellent.

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Obviously it makes sense to have a resource where you can keep all of these memes in one place so in the future when you want to look back on them and just how great the summer of 2018 actually was then you won’t have to look too hard, and we’re more than happy to provide this resource for you. Here are a bunch of my favourites:

OK maybe that last one was a bit too much but I suppose you’ve gotta admire the gall of someone to actually make that. And you can’t really get angry at anyone right now when the nation as a whole is in such high spirits given the crap we’ve had to endure for however long. Just gotta believe.

For more of the same, check out Maradona’s stupid rant after the England match the other day. Good one idiot.


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