Best Halloween costume ever!

This is pretty politically incorrect but what can I say, I loved it. I don’t know who this Kurtz guy is but he seems like a funny dude, although perhaps he has mental issues or is autistic or something if he thinks that behaving like this is acceptable in society today. Although judging by the amount of hits he has had it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one who found this really funny.

Basically, Kurtz had the idea for potentially the best Halloween costume ever and decided to go as Stephen Hawking dressed as Christopher Reeves. So yeah basically as Stephen Hawking but wearing a Superman t-shirt. He’s got the wheelchair and the voicebox and the glasses and everything. A really noble effort.  And then he got really drunk and insults a bunch of random strangers. Then he tries to have sex with a bunch of random strangers. Of course, the consequences were hilarious. Check it out below and remember where you saw it first:

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