Japanese Tron Street Dance

Japanese dance crew bang out a bit of street dancing covered in all manner of Tron madness!

In the beginning God created Tron lighting, and it was good. On the second day God made street dancing and it was cool. Couple of eons later he made a beautiful hybrid of the two courtesy of Japan’s Wrecking Crew Orchestra – and it was epic.

Working their way round the world faster than the Sars virus could ever dream of these light-adorned magic movers are intoxicating internet sites from Tokyo to Timbuktu with Tron-Inspired electro dance moves.

The best thing to come out of Tron Legacy since that sex tape with Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde that they still haven’t released.

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For those nerds among you who want a DIY Tron wanking costume it’s made out of wireless electroluminescent wire if that helps – fill your boots, weirdos.


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