Michel Pereira’s UFC Debut Did Not Disappoint With A Flying Knee Knockout

Flying Knee

The acrobatic fighter’s UFC did not disappoint.

We’ve been talking about Michel Pereira on Sick Chirpse for a few months now thanks to his unorthodox crowd pleasing fighting style and his UFC debut on Saturday night against Danny ‘Hot Chocolate’ Roberts did not disappoint.

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Pereira managed to score the knockout after just two minutes, smashing Roberts in the face with a flying knee and then following up with a straight right to knock him down to the ground. Before this, he also attempts a couple of superman punches, a rolling thunder and did some break dancing, so he made sure to entertain the fans before landing the KO. What a hero:

Damn that’s impressive stuff and it was also enough to secure him the $50,000 knockout of the night award. I’m not sure how Pereira will do when he comes up against some better fighters than Roberts as you could see someone picking apart his flashy style and really annihilating him and denting his confidence, but it’s great to see someone like this in the UFC so long may he continue to fight like this. Excited to see what he can do.

If you wanna see some footage of Michel’s other fights which got him a shot in the big time, then click here. Some really wild stuff going on.


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