Watch Michelle Rodriguez Eat A Dead Rat And Drink Her Own Piss On A Hike With Bear Grylls

Michelle Rodriguez Piss Dead Mouse

Dinner is served.

It looks like Bear Grylls is back on our screens with a new show where he and a celebrity guest have to trek across the wild somewhere and live off the land and generally use their wits to survive or something. You know how these Bear Grylls shows work by now I’m sure?

Anyway, in the latest episode Bear and Michelle Rodriguez are on a gruelling two day trek across Nevada’s Valley Of Fire State Park when the pair are running low on food and water. Bear Grylls’ solution – to catch a mouse and then make a soup out of it and Rodriguez’s piss.

Obviously, this being a Bear Grylls show you don’t actually see Rodriguez piss so you have no idea if it’s actually her piss or not, but the pair look suitably revolted as they’re chowing down on it so I like to think that they are. Either that or they’re really good actors, and I don’t think anyone would accuse Rodriguez of that so here’s hoping that it is real. Either way, it’s still an enjoyable video, although slightly less rank than when Fear Factor made its contestants drink donkey semen.

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