Kids Get Caught Smoking Weed By Their Parents; Their Reaction Is Priceless

Stoned Kids Bedroom

These kids just do not give a a damn.

Back when you were a kid it was always pretty hard to get stoned at your house because you didn’t want to stink the place out and get caught by your parents.

Maybe I should have just tried this technique to deal with the problem though. The kids in this video basically don’t give a fuck and smoke up in their bedroom, then when they do get caught and shouted at by the rents they just laugh in their face and take the piss out of them until they go away, all whilst filming themselves taking massive hits of the joint on their phone. At one point they even ask their parents if they want a toke.

True badasses, but in fairness these guys are probably the lamest parents ever (probably even worse than these guys) in terms of actually instilling any discipline into their kids.


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