Tony Hawk’s Son Is Almost As Sick At Skateboarding As His Father

Tony Hawk Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk has been skating since the age of 2 and is now a completely badass skateboarder in his own right.

It’s undeniable that Tony Hawk is one of the sickest skateboarders in history, but who would have thought that his son Riley would take up the mantle and emulate his father and become just as sick as him?

Not me, but I live to be surprised. Riley Hawk is actually a complete and utter sick head street skater. He’s been skating since the age of two and obviously has the genes and resources to go for it, but you can’t really argue that he hasn’t spent a hell of a lot of time honing his craft too.

Riley’s 23 now and turned pro on his 21st birthday – he’s got a bunch of sponsors and is generally regarded as one of the best up and coming street skaters in the game, and you can see why when you check out this recent edit. The kid has serious chops, although I don’t think he’s as good as this dude yet.

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