Martin Shkreli Says He Wants To Smack Ghostface Killah In The Face

MArtin Shkreli The Breakfast Club

Shots fired.

As if recording a diss video with some stupid looking homies aimed at Ghostface Killah wasn’t enough, Martin Shkreli appeared on The Breakfast Club on Power 105 and decided to say the following (you can watch the whole interview below if you prefer, but it’s thirty minutes long so you might not have the inclination):

I have a tremendous amount of respect for the whole clan including Ghost, but we’re talking musically.

There’s a difference between music and real life and personas… It’s a man thing.

You take shots at me, I’m gonna come back at you, especially publicly.

He’s one of the greatest rappers ever, but he’s still a man… You wanna talk sh*t, I’m not the one

If he was here right now, I’d smack him right in the face.

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Shots fired. I doubt Ghostface is going to take that lying down, especially after he made this insane YouTube video ranting at Action Bronson just for allegedly stealing his style, so hopefully we’ll be able to see a knock down drag out brawl between these two before too long.

The rest of the interview is well worth a listen if you’ve got a spare half an hour and want to know what goes on in the brain of the most hated man in America and how he got there. Shkreli doesn’t come across as as much of an asshole as you think he might do, although there are definitely some lines that aren’t that well received and questionable, but he does still come across as charismatic and almost likeable. Almost.

To be honest you’ve kind of got to respect him for even going on the show when the first question he was faced with was ‘Are you a privileged, entitled prick?’ as he probably had some idea of the kind of stuff he was going to be getting into here. Fair play – you’re still a fucking asshole though for doing stuff like this.


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