Ghostface Killah Goes On Insane YouTube Rant At Action Bronson Forcing Bronson To Publicly Apologise

Action Bronson Ghostface Killah

‘What gives that little fat fuck the right to even mention my name?’

Earlier this month Action Bronson took a break from bodyslamming fans on stage and appeared on a show called Sportsnation where comparisons between his rapping style and Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah were again brought up for about the 7 millionth time in history.

This time, Max Kellerman told Bronson that he bought Bronson’s album because he thought it was new material from Ghostface, to which Bronson replied ‘he’s not rapping like this no more’. You can watch the short segment below:

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It sounds fairly innocuous and wasn’t really delivered in an aggressive fashion (as you can see above), it was merely meant as a statement of fact that Bronson doesn’t think he raps that way anymore. Bronson even praised Ghostface heavily before he said that line. I know the presenters picked it up as a diss, but Bronson was again very quick to try and diffuse the situation and clearly emphasise that he didn’t have a problem with Ghostface Killah at all. Most people probably thought that would be the end of any perceived beef between the two artists.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case though as Ghostface Killah didn’t take it like that at all and thought that the best way for him to respond to was to make a six minute YouTube video of himself going on a rant about how Bronson is a little fat fuck who doesn’t even have the right to mention his name. It only gets worse from that opening line as he continues to relentlessly talk shit on him for the rest of the video, and also making it clear that it’s not a black/white thing but a Ghostface/Bronson thing, in case anyone wasn’t sure about that in 2015:

Bronson was sufficiently terrified by this rant and what Ghostface was capable of that he sent out the following tweets yesterday apologising to him for dissing him on Sportsnation.

It’s all the more puzzling that this was even made when you consider that not even two months ago Ghostface said in an interview (that you can see below) that he himself had confused his own voice with Bronson when listening to records and that also when he had met him and talked about it that Bronson was humble and safe to him. Ghostface is a complicated dude, that’s for sure.


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