Some Dude Punched A Hole Through An £8 Million Monet Painting And Got 5 Years In Prison

What did Monet ever do to him?

Were you planning on visiting the £8 million Claude Monet masterpiece hanging in Ireland’s National Gallery any time soon? Don’t bother — some dude’s punched a hole through it.

49-year-old Andrew Shannon told the police after his arrest that he did it to “get back at the state”, although in court he tried to play it off like he “felt faint” and fell into the painting. That argument kind of fell apart though when the court watched the CCTV footage.

Shannon was sentenced to five years in prison and won’t be allowed to visit any galleries for 15 months after his release. You might think that sentence is a bit harsh, but upon raiding Shannon’s home the police found a bunch of stolen items including valuable artworks, books and antiques, so I guess that factored into the sentence too. Way to bait yourself up Andrew!

So how is punching a hole through a painting that’s worth 10x more money than most of us will ever see in our lives sticking it to the man? Not sure exactly — but we’d have preferred it if he took out his frustrations one of these actual crap paintings that are worth millions of dollars. That would have been nice.


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