Man Found Hiding In A Handmade Solar-Powered Bunker For 3+ Years After Escaping Police

Unreal story.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first – the guy this story is about, Wisconsin man Jeremiah Button, is an utter scumbag who was wanted on charges of incest, child sexual assault and possession of child pornography, as reported by CNN.

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I really wish all that wasn’t true though because it really puts a downer on the awesome hideout he managed to build while he hid from the police for over three years, having vanished while out on a $25,000 bond when he was two weeks away from trial in 2016.

Via CNN:

Button told Deiler that when he decided to run, he chose the area for his bunker because of the woods and its access to the Ringle landfill.

Deiler said Button told him that once he got the area dug out, he brought in canned goods, a flat-screen TV and other things he thought he would need for survival.

Button told police he took in one backpack load of supplies after another until he was ready to make the move permanently. He left his car, wallet and ID at his mother’s home along with a note that said he was moving to Florida.

Deiler said he rode in a train’s coal car to the Wausau area and then walked for two days to get to the bunker.

Pretty bold move right from the get-go. Instead of disappearing to Mexico or Asia or something this guy decided to stay more local, but was so well-hidden he still managed to evade capture for 3+ years.

It took him 18 months while on bail to dig out the bunker, load up on canned food, and even make sure he got himself a sweet flat-screen TV for his cave which worked via the solar panel.

Pretty smart. But what if he wanted to watch something and it was crappy, cloudy day? He had that covered too:

Button told police that he had solar power to run his TV, radio, fans and lights. He made a generator with a bicycle that he would pedal if he needed an additional power source.

So a TV, radio, fans and lights AND he doesn’t need to have to interact with people IRL? Sounds pretty sweet to me. But I still can’t wrap my head around how he stayed there for over 3 years. What was his end game? Was he going to just stay in his cave until he died? What was the plan when the canned food eventually ran out?

Over the course of three years, Button told police, he made daily and nightly trips to the Ringle landfill on a bicycle for things like clothes, food, tools, equipment and electronics. The bunker grew cluttered, which forced him to make the cave even deeper.

Deiler told CNN that the setup was “relatively elaborate” and that he couldn’t believe the “level and extent this gentleman went” to develop the area.

Relatively elaborate indeed. I mean look at this place:

Again it’s too bad this guy is a sex offender/disgusting freak otherwise this would be some legendary behaviour. Look at the tunnel entrance FFS:

In the end Jeremiah Button was caught after a guy who was out hunting in the woods saw some tracks and followed them all the way to the entrance of Button’s hideout. He called the police who showed up and found Button completely covered in camouflage.

Now he’s going away for a lot longer than 3 years, and in a place where we all know they don’t like paedophiles very much. Oh well, at least he’s probably pretty used to living in solitary confinement.

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