Man Finds Huge Moth Chilling In His Ear

Yet more bugs using our bodies as homes.

We’ve had quite a few stories about people pulling stuff from their bodies as of late, such as the giant insect pulled from this unsuspecting mans ear in India, or this woman who had a 2-inch leech cotching in her nose. This story however, involves a moth. The man in question was minding his own business when a moth decided to fly directly into his ear and not come out for shit.

The man then proceeds to roll around on the floor shouting “This shit is fucked up”, which is an understandable reaction as there is a fucking moth in his head. Finally the friends get some tweezers and gently pluck the little fuck out, but alas he is not alone, there is a tick just chilling in this dude’s ear as well.

Not sure what’s going on with all these bugs thinking it’s cool to just hang out in our orafices, but if this shit carries on I’m gonna have to invest in some ear plugs.


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