Martin Shkreli Claims He’s Been Scammed Out Of $15 Million

Karma’s a bitch.

So you guys remember this week when Martin Shkreli delayed the release of Kanye West’s new album by offering him $10 million to keep it for only himself?

Don’t think that will be happening any time soon as it looks like he has just been scammed out of $15 million dollars, 10 of which he was planning on using on the album. According to this twitter meltdown, looks like he gave it to a guy named Daquan:

OK, so this could be utter bullshit. I mean it’s really difficult to be conned out of that amount of money — surely the banks would need to be heavily involved before anything like that was okayed?

Although in Martin’s world where he ups the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000% and buys the one and only Wu Tang Clan album for £2 million, I guess anything is possible.

He even said he’s going to start a GoFundMe page:

I bet that would get even less donations than the woman who started a campaign because she spent all her money on lottery tickets.


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