There’s A Tragic Story Behind The Guy With The Big Dick In Those Coronavirus Prank Texts

Does this guy look familiar?

There’s a prank text that’s been going around these past few weeks where you receive a link to a BBC story on breaking coronavirus news, only to open it up and find a NSFW image of this big, beefy black dude and his enormous penis staring back at you. BBC indeed!

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We can only post the censored version so just use your imagination (if you haven’t already been suckered in by the NSFW version on Whatsapp):

The mystery man’s photo went viral and he ended up on dozens of memes and T-shirts which a few sites are still selling.

Well VICE did some digging and it turns out the man was a gay porn star by the name of ‘Wood’ and the photo was taken by Pantheon Productions owner Walter Smith for a porn site. Smith had some sad news to share when asked for Wood’s current whereabouts:

I’m sorry to hear that Wood’s image has been used in such a way. It’s quite shameful. Unfortunately, Wood passed away several years ago. Our images from him are from 2011.

Bet you all feel pretty terrible now, don’t you? VICE did some more digging and came up with some additional info on ‘Wood’, after speaking to his ex-partner Heather Alegria, step-mum Karen Joubert, and doing some Googling.

– His real name was Wardy Joubert III, and he was born on August 30, 1971, in San Francisco.

– The nickname ‘Wood’ was given to him as a kid playing baseball, and has nothing to do with his involvement in porn – though it ended up being a pretty fitting moniker.

– He was a high school football star, and also played briefly for the New Orleans Saints and in the New England Football League.

– He was a father-of-two who enjoyed going to church and would regularly provide food for the homeless and evangelise on the street.

– He enjoyed rocking a G-string from time to time, and was a talented voice impersonator.

– A GoFundMe had been set up after his death 2016 to help his family pay for his funeral costs.

– He had worked as a bouncer, and was known for his bear hugs and big, infectious laugh.

– He would hang out at sex clubs and parties in San Francisco, where he was a ‘bull’ – basically a dom who would have sex with women in front of their partners, cuckolding the men. It was at one of these clubs that Wood was approached about doing porn. His childhood home was in jeopardy at the time and he was keen to hold onto it, so he took the porn jobs to make some extra cash.

Funnily enough, his stepmum and ex-partner knew about the photo since 2012, when it was passed around sites like 4chan and Reddit (as per Know Your Meme). They hadn’t realised it went viral again thanks to coronavirus.

Wardy was just 45 years old when he died of a heart attack on December 11, 2016. It came as a shock to his family and friends because, according to Alegria, he was “healthy as a horse'” and didn’t do drugs – though he did dabble in steroids. His heart had become enlarged and “blew up on him”.

So that’s the story of Wardy Joubert III AKA Wood AKA the big dick guy in the coronavirus prank texts. There’s plenty more info on Wood in the original VICE article, including a comment from Alegria that he was “definitely proud of the photo”, which is good to hear. I wonder how he’d feel about it now knowing that it’s gone viral again due to a global pandemic. What a bonkers world we live in.

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