KFC Is Now Selling Mac And Cheese With Fried Chicken For Breakfast


Breakfast of champions.

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day and there are many, many different options available for you to start your morning off right.

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Usually I would opt for some granola bars or maybe a fry up if it’s the weekend, but some people might want to go all out and check out this new mammoth choice from KFC Malaysia. The fast food restaurant is offering Mac and Cheese with fried chicken for breakfast, which sounds like a breakfast that only someone like The Rock or The Mountain could probably manage to wolf down and not put on a stone of fat. You’re more than welcome to try it though – oh wait, only if you’re in Malaysia though:

Mac And Cheese KFC

If that picture hasn’t got you excited then wait until you hear all about it. The Mac and Cheese bowls are covered in nacho cheese sauce and have mini pieces of zinger chicken in them as well. Basically it just looks and sounds completely and utterly delicious.

Even though I’m still kinda dubious about why it’s only a breakfast item and not available all day – do people eat Mac and Cheese for breakfast? Maybe that’s just a Malaysian thing – I’m still pretty annoyed that it’s only available in Malaysia so I can’t check it out myself. Doubt I’ll be going there anytime soon as well so once again, there’s some awesome fast food available in some weird part of the world that I’m never going to be able to get my hands on. Great.

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