Justin Bieber Just Had A Kickabout With Neymar And Completely Rinsed Him

Neymar Bieber

Bieber – the boy who keeps on giving.

It’s been noted before that Justin Bieber was pretty into football – here’s a video of him playing football with Barcelona way back in the day – but we didn’t know that he was actually fairly decent at it.

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Turns out Bieber is actually fairly decent with his feet though (and his dick if this video was actually true) as he invited none other than Brazilian superstar Neymar into his backyard for a kickabout and actually managed to hold his own in a game of keepy uppies.

@neymarjr and I messin around in my backyard

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Baller. To be fair though, you’ve probably gotta imagine he took about seventy takes to get it that good. Even so, it’s not a bad effort against someone like Neymar is it. Props to Bieber – I suppose now that Neymar’s missing the Copa America he’ll just be hanging out in Justin Bieber’s backyard all summer doing keepy uppies.

Not a bad way to spend your summer I suppose, although it probably won’t be as much fun as that time he just walked around America picking up chicks.


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