Watch A Teenager Get Repeatedly Stabbed During A Fight In An East London Takeaway

Stabbed East London Takeaway

Late night takeaway joints are always a hot spot for violence as drunk guys looking to get laid look to vent out their frustrations, but this is normally limited to a slightly lame fist fight rather than what we’re going to see in the video below.

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The video is taken from Mahins Pizza Peri Peri Grill in Newham, East London in which two guys get into a fight with an 18 year old kid. The situation soon escalates as the kid tries to get away, but ends up getting stabbed three times as he attempts to get behind the front counter and escape from his attackers.

Police have now released CCTV of the incident in an attempt to trace the suspects, so if you’re not squeamish and think you might be able to help, take a look at the video below. Be warned though, it’s pretty traumatising:

Damn. You’ll be pleased to hear that the victim is OK now, but still those are some pretty devastating shots to his chest. Investigating officer Detective Constable Phil Fox, from Newham CID, said the following:

This is an attack on a man who suffered multiple stab wounds from his ordeal. We are asking for anyone who recognises these two teenagers to come forward and assist us with our investigation.

Yeah, another useful statement there from the cops. The attack went down on October 6th around 8pm if you need any more information about it to try and jog your memory.

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