Girl Knocks Out Boyfriend After Giving Him The Hardest ‘Would You Rather’ Ever

Probably worth it.

There’s nothing worse than a paranoid girlfriend snooping through your phone or computer without your permission – especially when you haven’t actually got anything to hide – so I can kinda sympathise with the guy in this video, even if he does end up getting knocked out.

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In the video, his crazy girlfriend gives him the choice of letting her go through his phone or receiving a punch in the face. Even if I wasn’t fooling around on her, I know which option I would choose just out of principle, and this guy goes with it and seems more than happy too. That’s before he knows just how hard his girlfriend can hit though:

Ooof. That doesn’t look like that hard of a punch but I guess she hit him right in the sweet spot because the way he keels over and the video ends with him propped up against the bed definitely means that he’s out cold and nobody is at home. What a haymaker.

I said earlier that if my girlfriend offered me these two options then I’d probably choose the punch in the face but having seen this, I might go with a third option: straight up ending the relationship. See how that goes down.

For more punches in the face, check out this news reporter getting punched hard in the face whilst doing a live report. Ouch.


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