Justin Bieber Is Training With Barcelona

is Justin Bieber the next Lionel Messi?

Sick Chirpse favourite Justin Bieber trained with Barcelona on Wednesday before his sold out concert in the city at Palau Sant Jordi.

Justin Bieber showed up at Barcelona’s Ciutat Esportiva training facility on Wednesday and took part in a practice match with some of Barcelona’s B team which included Bojan, Thiago and Benja. Maybe he’ll get a call up to the first team. This video shows that he’s got a surprisngly good left foot (and we all know the best players are left footed: Pele, Maradonna, Tim Williams…) for someone who looks like such a pussy, and he actually shows off one decent skill. Ok, it’s not actually that good, but more impressive than I expected from the little lesbian. Justin Bieber’s light green Nike training strip is still pretty faggy though. Check it out below:

Apparently Justin Bieber really wanted to attend the match between Shakhtar Donetsk and Barcelona on Wednesday night (which we all know ended 5-1 to Barcelona) but unfortunately – for Bieber at least and not the thousands of Beliebers present in Barcelona – he had to go and perform his sold out concert. Still, at least he got to meet some of the Barcelona players and enjoy the training match I guess.



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