Couple At Museum Touch Priceless Clock; Accidentally Smash It To Fucking Pieces

There’s a reason they ask you not to touch the displays.

There’s a reason why museums ask you not to touch the more fragile exhibits on display, and here’s a prime example.

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This couple were admiring a priceless clock up on the wall at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania this week, and thought it would be OK to cop a little feel.

Unfortunately, the clock came crashing off the wall and there was nothing they can do to stop it smashing onto the ground.

Watch below:

Well, if nothing else, finally some excitement at the National Watch and Clock Museum. Love how he tried to hang it back up before immediately making his exit. Wonder if they’ll be able to track him down off the back of this footage?

Somehow I doubt visitors get this touchy-feely at the UK’s National Poo Museum.


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