How To Avoid Getting Stabbed At Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill carnival is probably the best thing to happen in England all year. Take some tips from this video to avoid being stabbed at next year’s.


I’m guessing that the majority of you reading this have been partying, or know someone who has been partying, at Notting Hill carnival.

TimW_Brap’s been partying down in Notting Hill this weekend which I’m really jealous about because it’s always a massive bag of fun. It’s probably the best thing that happens in England all year.

Sound systems on every corner, the open smell of weed in the air, and a hell of a lot of half naked thong wearing booty shaking women gettin’ pon it till the early morning.

Now after a few too many dabs of MD, and with the dancehall riddims vibrating through your chest, you may find it hard to resist breaking out in full body popping motions all over the street. This is encouraged, just make sure you don’t dance into some hoodrat and get stabbed up for accidentally stepping on their new sneaks (it happens).

Instead, everyone should take tips from this German freestyle collaboration between POREOTICS x LES TWINS x NEGUIN of how to get the fvck down to some trap music. Take note.


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