Watch These Comedians Try To Give Jeremy Hunt The ‘Dick Of The Year’ Award

Jeremy Hunt

‘Please accept your reward. It’s so well deserved.’

After weeks of trying to present Jeremy Hunt – the Secretary Of State For Health – with his award for ‘Dick Of The Year’, Channel 4’s The Last Leg finally managed it – or at least they would have if he’d accepted the accolade.

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For those that don’t know, Jeremy Hunt is probably one of the most hated politicians (which is a hard feat in itself) right now, after revealing plans to impose a contract on junior doctors. The contract has been met with uproar and ongoing protests from all professions in the NHS.

Hunt took the Dick Of The Year award in a landslide vote, after The Last Leg set up a poll asking viewers to choose their recipient of the giant, golden, dick trophy.

Check out the moment a bugler ceremoniously declared him the winner before trying to hand Jeremy his new cock:


Personally I think it’s a bit rude to refuse an award. But then again, we already knew Jeremy prefers to fuck people instead of taking a dick himself.

I can’t decide what’s funnier though, someone trying to give Hunt a massive golden bellend, or 2 blokes delivering a piglet to David Cameron.


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