Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison Caught Gurning All Over The Place At Spanish Airport (VIDEO)

Vicky Pattison

High flyer.

We’ve speculated before about Vicky Pattison’s jaw-tastic antics. Listen, who are we to judge? What we do wonder, however, is whether or not the former Geordie Shore star’s outrageous gurning is just a result of too many wines (or whether there are some other substances involved).

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This was the case after a recent video of her looking a little worse for wear at Barcelona airport emerged, showing the 31-year-old stumbling around as her jaw swings from side-to-side. Apparently she had quite a boozy holiday and, well, see for yourself…

The fan who took the video (and sent it to The Mirror, out of sheer concern of course), said:

I know what she looks like so just knew it was her, everyone in my group was amazed that a girl of her profile was so wasted.

Although Vicky has yet to respond to the video, she did post this on Instagram about the trip:

Back in London, back… back to work tomorrow….

But what a weekend I’ve had. To be honest, I’ve had such an amazing month – filmed another new show, made some incredibly new friends…

Caught up with old ones, seen some beautiful new countries, didn’t get enough sleep, ate too much pasta in Italy, drank too much wine in Spain…

Made a considerable dent in the croissant population in France and definitely drank too many cocktails in Greece…

All in all, a fabulous time was had by all!!!

What’s a good holiday without getting off your nut, eh?

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