Anonymous Have Managed To Hack And Leak Donald Trump’s Voicemail Messages

Anonymous vs Donald Trump

The war rages on.

Anonymous did say they were going to target Donald Trump and boy have they stayed true to their word. In their most recent feat, the activists claim (and it sounds pretty legit) to have hacked into Donald Trump’s voicemails. As it says on the video:

The messages seem to reveal close, personal relationships with members of the liberal media elite.

The messages were acquired by Gawker from members of the ‘/b/’ forum on the website 4chan. Saved from back in 2012, they are from news anchors from the left-leaning MSNBC television network. The first two come from T Hall (Tamron Hall) who praises Trump and says she is going to take advantage of his Gucci discount for a $3000 dress that she has her eye on. However, in the second message she appears to criticise the Republican candidate for questioning whether Barack Obama was born in the US. She calls the YouTube video she saw “crummy”. Fair enough.

MSNBC anchors Mika and Joe (Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough), who have had to cross-examine Trump on the network during the Republican primary campaign, can be heard thanking Trump for his donation to a charity event. Scarborough made a sarcastic comment over Twitter regarding the messages, which pretty much confirms that these must be real:

Check out the video for yourself:

I wonder where the war will take them next? One thing’s for sure — what with Trump being a scandalous racist and brushing quite a lot of crap under the carpet, as it stands he is not safe from anyone. Better start deleting your message history dude. This could get as complex and active as Anonymous’ war on ISIS.


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