The Picture Of The Man Who Got His Penis Stuck In A Weight Has Leaked Online (NSFW)


You might remember that a couple of months ago we ran a story about a guy who somehow managed to get his dick stuck in a weight. What an absolute nightmare.

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The unnamed man from Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate, Western Germany was able to get the weight off eventually after a team of firefighters spent three hours breaking it up (see above) using a grinder and a vibrating saw, but a whole bunch of questions still remained about this incident. Namely, what the hell was the guy thinking even doing this and just what did it look like when his dick was stuck in the weight?

Well, we might never get the answer to the first part of that question, but we can bring you a photograph that gives you a pretty good idea of the second:

Penis Weight

Yeah, sorry about that but I’ve gotta blur it because we can’t host stuff like that on the website. If you want to see what it really looks like though, click here. Be warned though it’s pretty purple and swollen and will probably make you feel sick.

People are questioning how the photograph was leaked now, with hospital officials claiming it was a data leak. Or in other words, somebody thought it was really funny and decided to share it with their friends and it spread from there. Can’t really blame them I suppose.

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