World’s Most Honest Cop Busts Himself After Running A Red Light

Firm but fair.

Police officer Tim Glover from Florida might just be the most honest cop in American history.

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After reviewing all of the traffic-camera footage in his local town, he noticed his own patrol car running a red light. He said:

I realised that the vehicle did look familiar, and I was hoping it wasn’t mine, but I walked out and confirmed it was mine out here in the parking lot.

Apparently he had been heading out for lunch and was clearly in a hurry as he made a left turn as the light went red. But rather than using his power to delete the footage, Glover actually fessed up and showed the evidence to his boss, resulting in a $158 ticket. That puts my faith back into the police force (just a little bit).


Glover even has a sense of humour about the whole thing:

That was the most expensive Cuban sandwich I’ve ever bought.

Ah, I wish Glover was my local policeman. Or even my dad. He seems like a stand up guy.

Acting Police Chief Jay Hopwood also spoke out about his officer’s honesty and praised Glover, saying:

That’s what makes wearing the badge so important.

I’m going to go ahead and award this report the feel good story of the day. Congratulations guys.

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