Islamic State (ISIS) Conspiracy Theories

The rise and rise of Isis is horrific. Unsurprisingly it has spawned conspiracy theories and to be honest, they’re not that unbelievable for a change.

3) Syria Is Funding Isis

Isis - Conspiracy Theory - Assad

On the face of it, it seems a bit ridiculous that a country would fund the enemies that it recently repelled and that are still crossing its borders, but it’s not so daft. Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is unpopular with many Syrians, hence the recent upheaval. But even Assad is preferable to Isis’ fresh brand of hell.

It makes sense for Assad to “show” people what terrorism is really like, and that his brand of despotism is much nicer for the average person than some bunch of Jihadists with a literal and imminent death-wish. The other alternative is that Assad is worried he might end up the same way as Gaddafi and he wants a way out. He might be hoping that in some way he can manufacture his own forced exile somewhere safe and cozy; then he won’t have to worry about looking after a country in such heavy turmoil with the ever-present threat of being assassinated.

Assad was born into the role of President and many political commentators didn’t think he had the balls to control the Syrian military; so he’s already done better than predicted and maybe he wants to go out on a high… well, not so much a high, but at least he’s still breathing.

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