Islamic State (ISIS) Conspiracy Theories

The rise and rise of Isis is horrific. Unsurprisingly it has spawned conspiracy theories and to be honest, they’re not that unbelievable for a change.

As ever, a big drama breeds big debate. It also brings with it an unhealthy glut of conspiracy theories. Although conspiracy theories have got a bad rep (and rightly so in most cases) they do still serve a purpose. If you’re trying to make sense out of awful situations you need to ask all of the questions and think of all the possible causes, possibilities and conclusions.

Most theories have to be discounted because they’re mental, but these sorts of thinking-outside-of-the-blue-sky-box-brain-storming sessions are where the good ideas appear too. The problem only comes when people get their own pet theory and hold on to it for dear life despite no evidence to confirm it at all.

The ongoing Isis crisis is of course drawing some conspiracy theories and whether they are genuinely plausible or just madness, is still up for debate. When something as grotesque and destructive happens as Isis’ onslaught, humanity’s brains scream for answers down all possible pathways. So here’s some of the fringe theories that may or may not hold water…

1) Isis Leader Is A Jew

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Isis’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been the focal point of a few conspiracies, partly because little is known about him. We know al-Baghdadi is trained to a PhD level in Islamic studies and that he’s a rousing preacher and possibly married. But that’s really it. The theory goes that this murderous Jihadist psycho was actually born to Jewish parents and his real name is Elliot Shimon.

The theory claims that al-Baghdadi was trained by the Israeli intelligence organization — Mossad. The theory continues that the US, UK and Zionists have combined to hatch a plan; the plan is to get all of the world’s bad guys in one place and draw potential security threats away from Israel. This so called “hornet’s nest” theory has been attributed to Edward Snowden which would give it some credence. But Snowden has remained silent on whether that’s actually the case or not.

It seems pretty far fetched that a Jewish man could impersonate a Muslim for many years and rise to a position of such power. But stranger things have happened at sea I suppose.

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