Impala Hides In A Jeep To Avoid Hungry Cheetah (Video)

What would you do if you were being chased by a cheetah? I would cry, then get eaten probs. But not this smart little impala….

Impala Jumps Into Car Chased By Cheetah

Aaaahhhhh…. nature….. majestic yet red in tooth and claw. To see critters in the wild, doing what they’re designed to do is always incredible. On this rainy little island we live on there’s rarely an opportunity to see anything big in action, although I did follow a badger down my road a while ago. That was a buzz.

In Africa however, literally all of the nature is impressive. They got first dibs on a butt load of the most epic animals when God was handing out the wild zones. Elephants – massive, rhinos – double hard, lions – kings of the jungle (even though they live in scrub land wtf?), giraffes – completely ridiculous but definitely epic. And, of course, cheetahs. Cheetahs can hit speeds of 65 mph when they fancy it, which is faster than any other animal. They can do 0 – 60 mph in THREE SECONDS. Bloody hell. They can also turn on a sixpence which is totes essench if you wanna catch your dinner.

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Predator/ prey interactions push animals to become the purest and fastest they can possibly be in the conditions they find themselves in. So if a cheetah is impressive as fuck, its prey better be equally impressive or it will be eaten into extinction. If an impala’s genes determine that it will be fat and slow, it will get eaten before it has the chance to pass on its genes. Us humans could probably do with a top level predator to weed out the weak. Only joking btw, that sounds a bit like Hitler’s eugenics and just for the record I’m not that keen on him

Anyway, this is a video taken in Kruger National Park in Africa. Some lucky, rich, safari goers found themselves in the middle of a cheetah / impala battle. The first shots of the impala are really fucking cool, it shows them jumping about, much higher than the 4x4s the spectators are chilling in. Scientists reckon the impala leap about like this to show the predators how fit they are and hopefully put them off the chase. It’s called pronking, or stotting. Just so you know.

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Next, one of the impalas actually jumps into one of the jeeps through an open window. So this bright spark lived to tell the tale, the cheetahs went hungry. So the gene that codes for jumping into vehicles when being chased may well get passed on to the next generation. LOL. Watch this, it’s nuts:

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