Chinese Dog Meat Festival Looks Ruff

Chinese Dog Meat Festival - Dogs On Lorries In Transit

The stereotype comes alive in China once a year as they “celebrate” with a dog meat festival. Not a pretty sight at all.

Chinese Dog Meat Festival - Dogs On Lorries In Transit

The Chinese mark the summer solstice in a way which may seem pretty odd and very dark to most Western eyes: they have a dog meat festival, which is exactly as it sounds, I’m afraid.

As many as 10,000 dogs are rammed into small cages, killed, and then eaten. I’m not a vegetarian, but I kind of lean in that direction at times, to me a dog is just another animal, so eating it is no different from eating a cow or a deer or a horse. If you’re happy to slaughter one sort of animal to expand your belt size, you should really be down with killing any animal for food. The real issue for me isn’t those puppy eyes and wagging tail, it’s the cruel manner in which they’re kept, with reports of dogs being beaten before they’re massacred and creatures being skinned whilst they are still alive.

Some of these pictures may offend or disgust some people, so be warned.

Chinese Dog Meat Festival - Dog Bodies On Bike

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