Badger Swagger Aims To Save The Badgers With Rap, Guitar Solos


A crack squad of famous people have come together to save the badgers. Sick Chirpse is behind them all the way.


You’d have to be a very cold-blooded individual not to have, at the very least, a mild affection for the great British Badger. The snuffly little bastards are pleasing to look upon and are as much of a national institution as tea, bad weather and Iron Maiden. They’ve been popularised in all manner of entertainment and are an iconic image of English wildlife. Badgers are awesome!

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But things haven’t been great for badgers lately, as they have been accused of being death-dealing, plague-carrying scumbags by spreading bovine tuberculosis and fucking up all our cows. Harsh. There has been much debate among the scientific community about the best way to tackle this. The British Government, never a sensible bunch at the best of times has decided upon the apparent solution of a mass cull. Or to put it another: KILL ALL THE FUCKING BADGERS. One can only assume that this is a test run for when they want to do the same thing to poor people.

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But all is not lost! A handful of champions have stepped forward to avert this tragedy (or, if you will, badger-dy) and save our furry chums, and an ecological equivalent of The Avengers has assembled to galvanise the public into sparing the country from badgergeddon. Brian May, former guitarist from Queen and all round G got a bunch of his mates together, including David Attenborough, guitar god Slash and youngblood British rapper Sonny Green to record the ultimate wildlife protest single; Badger Swagger.

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In the slightly daft (but well-intentioned) video, attractive men and women dressed as badgers writhe in unison as Sonny drops knowledge urging the Government to think twice about slaughtering badgers en masse. It’s catchy little ditty and Sonny’s lyrics are on point, then there’s a breakdown where David Attenborough confirms that a badger cull is totally pointless (and vaccination is a lot more sensible) before a sick guitar solo from Slash takes us home.

Us tree-hugers here at Sick Chirpse firmly endorse any attempts to preserve this country’s wildlife. Save the badger!

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