Has Anyone Else Noticed The Extreme Proton Wave That Is Currently Hitting The Earth?


High energy attack.

Debris from space is always falling down onto the Earth, but the truth of the matter is that most of the time it’s so insignificant that we’re not even going to notice it.

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In fact, even when there’s a major event like an extreme proton wave striking the planet, it’s pretty hard for us to notice it as we go about our everyday lives. This is illustrated by the fact that one is hitting the planet right now and most of us are none the wiser. To be honest I’m not really sure the full ins and outs of it, but here’s what one Reddit user has said, alongside a video that attempts to explain it:

The precipitable water shown, means water vapours. “Normal innocuous” weather. The bands that are ribbon like, are not normal. They are very high energy. This could be from a star exploding very, very far away from Earth.

It could cause some earthquakes. It could cause electronics to function abnormally. It’s happened before over the years, so we’ve been through this. It could also bring some interesting good around the world, we pray!

Crazy right? Apparently similar events happened in 2004 so we haven’t actually got TOO much to worry about, but if you notice anything abnormal/weird going on in the next couple of days then maybe blame it on this proton wave to try and impress your friends. It’s definitely slightly different to your average explanation.

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