These Stress ‘Balls’ For Under Your Desk Will Make Your Boss Think You’re A Pervert

What a load of bollocks.

I’ve always thought stress balls were pretty pointless, but these ones really take the piss.

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A Spanish company has decided to reinvent the stress ball product by creating an attachable product that has been designed to look and hang like a pair of bollocks, called ‘Niceballs’. So not only can you have a little tug while you’re feeling pissed off at work, but you can also make yourself out to look like a complete an utter pervert in front of your boss. Perfect.


The website states:

It is possible to be productive while you touch the balls. It is a pendulous prosthetic supplement that sticks to your desk in a simple, discreet and efficient manner.

There are moments when we all, men and women alike, just need to play with our balls.

Well at least they’re not gender discriminative.

Seriously though, who the fuck is going to buy this? Aside from the odd joke present at the work Christmas do, I can imagine this invention is going to be a complete flop (‘scuse the pun).

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