Man Creates Slingshot Carved Out Of Wooden Trouser Snakes And Condoms

Condom Slingshot

Is this the most manliest slingshot of all time?

We’ve seen condoms used for a whole bunch of things here on Sick Chirpse, like the Liverpool shirt made out of condoms, but this might be the manliest and weirdest thing we’ve ever seen them used for before.

Apparently this is part of the 100 things not to use a condom for campaign – whatever the hell that is – and features the craziest slingshot maker in history who is a mental German going by the name of Christoph Kratchten. For the campaign, he decided to create a pretty raunchy slingshot in the shape of well, you know, and use six condoms in the part where the rope would usually go.

Check out how it performed below, and then maybe compare it to DMX freaking out whilst riding a giant slingshot.


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