Katie Price Just Got Dragged Off Stage After Exposing ‘Toe Job’ Story (VIDEO)


When all your worst drunk nightmares come true.

The following seems to be a running theme with Katie Price – she gets pissed, tries to sing on stage, gets booed for being shit and then goes on a foul-mouthed rant before being escorted out of the building.

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This time is was at the Energy Save Christmas party where she attempted to sing Whitney Houston’s ‘I have nothing’. After launching into the song she turned on the crowd as they chatted through her set. Katie halted the performance to shout, “shut up you little shits.”

And if that weren’t embarrassing enough, her ex boyfriend Dane Bower was at the party, so she took it upon herself to announce that he was the “love of my life.” She also added that he gave her a toe job. Grimy.

It’s like all your worst drunk nightmares coming to life. The other day I got pissed and fell flat on my face in a beer garden and I’m still suffering flashbacks now. Imagine waking up to find you had been dragged off stage and admitted to a crowd of people that you were still in love with your ex and that he had stuck his toe up your vagina, while he was in the room. That’s gotta be a bad hangover.

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