Harry Kane Is Trying To Fight Conor McGregor At UFC 200

Harry KAne Conor McGregor


On Wednesday, Harry Kane posted a video on his Twitter account of him doing some boxing training in the gym and looking pretty sharp to be honest:

Already known as the joker of the team, Delle Alli suggested that Kane should try and be McGregor’s next opponent at UFC 200:

Although Kane sounds initially against the idea, he soon got into the fun by mocking up this stupid poster of him fighting Conor at UFC 200. He also had the guts to actually tag McGregor and the UFC in the tweet, unlike Alli. He also notably left McGregor’s featherweight title off the poster, which some might see as a diss against the current champion:

Of course, this is never ever going to happen, but it’s quite funny to see Harry Kane look like a knob for all the public to see. It would be even funnier to see him actually step into the octagon to fight Conor McGregor, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that somehow that is going to happen.

If not, Conor can always fight that chump from Geordie Shore that fancies himself an MMA fighter now. Can’t wait to see how that pans out.


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