Someone Made A Bot Watch 100 Hours Of ‘Tiger King’ And Then Write Its Own Episode

So good.

It’s been a while since we’ve featured one of those weird stories where someone makes a bot watch 100 hours of a tv show and then write a TV episode, but what better time to bring it back then now, just after the release of quite possibly the most famous documentary ever made?

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We are of course talking about ‘Tiger King’ and you’ll be pleased to read that the bot has done a much better job of continuing/reinventing the story then that hastily cobbled together extra episode on Netflix with Joel McHale. Honestly, what the fuck were they thinking with that?

Anyway, here’s what the bot came up with. Pretty on point:

I mean so much of that is the terminology we should be using for it all isn’t it? Referring to Doc Antle and Jeff Lowe as Tiger Princes, saying that Joe Exotic catches husbands – it’s not really how we would ever say anything in the real world but it just sounds so right when it’s written down like that doesn’t it? Should probably get a bot to write the inevitable TV series/movie rather than a human or a tiger, definitely think it would be more entertaining.

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