One Of The Guys From Geordie Shore Has Booked Himself An MMA Fight

Good luck dickhead.

Everyone loves MMA and UFC at the moment, so it’s no surprise that some of the dumbest people on the planet think that they’ve got a chance in the octagon as well. I am of course talking about some guy called Aaron Chalmers who thinks because he’s got a tattoo a bit like Conor McGregor then he can probably get choked out just like his hero, although probably in less time.

Aaron has been training with a UK fight company called Bamma and has booked his first ever MMA fight at the Liverpool Olympia for September this year. Here’s what he had to say:

I’m not going to lie, I think the other Geordies are more excited than I am. Gaz is wanting to walk out with us! I’m like “It’s not the UFC Gary, it’s just a venue in Liverpool!

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Aaron Chalmers

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Now the fight’s booked in, the plan is to stick to a strict diet and put on as much muscle as possible. It’s pretty strict.

I’m not gonna lie, because we’ve just filmed Geordie Shore I have been drinking but not since we’ve been out of the house and I don’t plan on drinking any time soon because I want to get in fighting shape.

Hmm. Well, at least he sounds like he’s going to take it seriously.

It’s not yet known who his opponent will be, but you can bet right now that he’ll be the immediate favourite and probably an immediate fan favourite too because he’ll get to clobber this moron like so many people in the world wish they could. On the flip side though, if he loses then he’ll probably be the biggest joke in MMA history, so he had better make sure that if he steps up he takes this guy down. I really doubt it’s going to be too hard for anyone who actually fancies himself as a real MMA fighter.

Here’s a compilation of MMA’s douchiest moments, of which Aaron will no doubt soon be a part of.


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