Man Goes Viral For Running Over Donald Trump Sign With His Truck, Is Promptly Arrested (VIDEO)

This guy just did what millions of people dream about doing every time they drive past this sign.

Police over in North Carolina have charged a man who ran over a Donald Trump campaign sign with his truck the other day.

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20-year-old Julien Thomas Schuessler was charged with a hit and run, reckless driving and failing to maintain lane control.

He did rack up a ton of views on his video though, so it’s not all bad news:


When asked why he intentionally pulled off the road to hit the sign, Julien responded:

I did what I felt was morally right. Spread love, not hate.

Err, mate. You just drove your truck off the road at high speed and smashed into someone else’s property. I mean I get what he’s saying but if you leave the politics out of it, that’s basically what happened so it’s fair enough that he’s been charged. Totally worth it though.

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