George Lucas Has Nothing To Do With The New Star Wars Movie

George Lucas Star Wars

Is this a good or bad thing?

George Lucas has admitted that after he sold the rights to the Star Wars franchise to Disney that he’s had no creative input into the new movies.

Well, that’s not exactly true –  back in 2012 when he made the deal Disney asked him for his ideas and outlines for the next three movies and he happily divulged them. Unfortunately for him, they thought they sucked and so decided to come up with their own ideas:

The ones that I sold to Disney, they came up to the decision that they didn’t really want to do those. So they made up their own. So it’s not the ones that I originally wrote.

Star Wars J.J. Abrams

To be honest, he sounds a bit butthurt about the whole thing but hey if he wanted to see it through he could have made another three crappy movies like the first three parts he made. Everyone seemed to agree that J.J. Abrams did a good job with Star Trek so we can only hope that he makes those new Star Wars movies better than Lucas did. You can check out the trailer here if you haven’t seen it already.

As for Lucas, he’s going to spend his time making a movie called Strange Magic, which tells the story of the plight between goblins and fairies through covers of popular songs and colourful animations. Sounds like it’s going to be awesome, right?


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