Former Babestation Model Reveals One Caller Was Having Sex With His Cat



I always found the concept of Babestation really weird but also sorta fascinating, as guys would call in to talk to these scantily clad women and ask them to do stuff whilst anyone tuning in could hear them and possibly identify them. Seemed liked a bit too much of a risk to me, but obviously it was very successful and made a lot of money before the internet came around. Actually looks like it still is having quickly looked into it.

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Anyway, I haven’t really thought too much about the channel in the last few years, but to celebrate a new Netflix documentary about the first dial up sex lines called ‘Dirty Lines’, the Daily Star decided to get former Babestation presenter Carla Bellucci to spill the beans about her time on the show/channel. Most of this is fairly standard but there’s one section about a caller that would regularly fantasise about his cat, wanted to leave his wife for it and may have had sex with it whilst on the phone to Bellucci which is a bit disturbing.  You’ve been warned:

Some of the conversations were just too weird, like they would want you to walk all over them wearing heels or they would want to watch you eat.

I remember a guy telling me he wanted to leave his wife for his cat. That was too much for me.

He was talking about his wife’s family and how he had this massive problem.

I was thinking he was banging someone else – never did I think it was his bloody cat!

But he would always mention the cat and it was always in the room with him when he got kinky.

I was naive and thought sometimes animals are just around but then he just came out and said he needed to leave his wife – I thought he meant for a new woman until he said it was for his cat.

I was just like ‘hell no I ain’t about this, I love animals’ and this was weird s**t. That poor cat! I still hope he never touched the cat.

I felt like it was going to another level involving animals, that’s just so wrong.

The strange thing is that lot of the viewers would wanna get to know you personally and were interested in your day to day life and it wasn’t always about sex talk.

Sometimes there were strange ones who would tell you they are in their wife’s closet wearing their dresses or you would be in the middle of the sex talk then they would be getting there and you would hear the words ‘you slag’ and it would mean they have been caught red handed.

They would forget to hang up so I would hear the whole hour fight which was great for your minutes.

That does sound quite funny and kinda like it was a good time for her except one or two duff calls. Cat guy is definitely a major weirdo though – should have really reported him to the police or RSPCA or something. Definitely not OK.

Belucci is now doing OnlyFans if you’re still interested in communicating with her. Great career progression.

For more of the same, remember that story about the dying man who left £20,000 to a Babestation presenter? That’s kinda cute I guess?



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