This Friends Easter Egg Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

Friends Couch

It also explains one of the biggest plot holes in the show.

As the amount of traffic we got to the Friends opening sequence without any music last week proved, Friends most definitely was one of the most iconic and deeply loved shows of the 90s/00s.

As everyone knows, many of the scenes took place in Central Perk , where the Friends would sit on their favourite couch and drink their coffee and talk about their lives and all the hilarious situations they were getting into. Maybe watch Phoebe play Smelly Cat a couple of times too.

However, one of the big questions that people always used to ask was how the hell they managed to get that couch every time they were in there, except for that one episode when there was another group of Friends sitting on it in the teaser. I mean the place was always packed so how the hell did they always manage to get that spot, multiple times each episode for ten years? Well – it turns out that the creators had that covered the whole time. Check it out:

Friends Couch Reserved

Yeah, that’s right – they had reserved the table and couch the whole time. It’s kind of weird that you can reserve a couch at a coffee shop, but hey Gunther was a weird guy I guess and had a crush on Rachel so would do anything she wants. Apparently the card appears in every episode but I haven’t had the time to go through them all and confirm that, although there are a bunch of pictures where you can see it clearly:

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