There’s Now A Friends Version Of Monopoly

Friends Monopoly

I’ll be there for you.

It’s not too unusual to see different themed versions of Monopoly, but it’s probably somewhat of a wonder that it’s taken so long for a Friends version of the classic board game to appear.

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Never mind that though because the Friends Monopoly set is finally here and it’s pretty much everything you would have hoped it would be. Available from The Works for £29.99, there are six different pieces which enable you to represent one of the gang – a handbag for Rachel; a chef’s hat for Monica; a mini-sweater vest for Chandler; an acoustic guitar for Phoebe, a pizza for  Joey and a T-Rex for Ross (easily the best one) – and the locations on the board are all memorable places from the TV show too.

Friends Monopoly Board

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So I’m guessing you get Central Perk, a couple their apartments and maybe Bloomingdale’s or the museum/university that Ross works in? Or that diner that Monica worked in for a bit when she had to wear a wig? Maybe London or Vegas? I can’t really think of that many iconic locations from the show except for the ones that I just said, but I’m sure when you’re playing the game with your buddies you’ll trade a knowing smile with each other when you land on one of them for the first time.

If you need more than one Monopoly set in your life after you’ve purchased this Friends one, maybe check out this Game Of Thrones version of the game too. So many variations.


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