David Cameron Could Be Forced From Office In Less Than 24 Hours

“The next 24 hours could change Britain.”

David Cameron could be entering his last 24 hours as Prime Minister after finally admitting to benefiting from his late father’s tax dodging, resulting in calls for his resignation coming in thick and fast.

After initially refusing to talk about his family’s use of tax havens as revealed in the Panama Papers leak earlier this week, David Cameron finally admitted on Thursday to benefiting from an offshore trust.

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Edward Snowden already called Cameron out on his hypocrisy the other day, and is now putting further pressure on the British PM to resign by urging the British public to force him into doing so.

Snowden, who’s currently based in Russia and is obviously no stranger to leaking top-secret information himself, took to Twitter to make his statement:

He pointed out that in Iceland, where the Prime Minister did resign, “ten per cent of all voters were in the streets within 24 hours, and for less”:

Let’s not forget though, the population of Iceland is 323k people whereas we’ve got 64.1 million in the UK, but the point still stands.

The best point he made though was this one — that nothing happens if you just sit around and hope for it to:

David Cameron admitted he profited from selling shares owned in the offshore Blairmore Investment Trust, set up by his dad Ian and run from the Bahamas. He says he sold the shares for £31,500 before entering office in 2010, making a £19,000 profit.

The Panama Papers leak has already resulted in the Icelandic PM and the head of an anti-corruption group in Chile resigning from their positions, so we’re off to a good start.


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